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Welcome to the Private Party!

The biggest underground party of the era — fighting Surveillance Capitalism with !

If you haven’t seen it already, you are in for a treat. Today we launched Party Club! It encrypts any site, so that Tech Giants don’t know if you are talking about cat videos, the Christchurch attack, or Apple’s new streaming service.

Whether it be 1984, Hunger Games, The Matrix, Equilibrium, Animal Farm, or Fight Club… there is one common theme. The underdog revolution against brain-sucking corporate Big Brother.

Well, we’ve had enough. Today. Today is the day, that the internet rises up! Today we fight back, except its cooler than the movies — its real life.

Here is how it works:

Party Mode

Party Mode should be used on public or quasi-public sites — Reddit, Slack, Facebook groups, etc. gosh, it is especially fun on sites like these, such as our chatroom where people are going nuts!

That’s right, your inside jokes can stay inside! That’s right, on any site. Here it is working on YouTube — when you click on any text/comment area, this little encryptor popup snaps into view:

Then you can write your message, and it’ll encrypt & paste it back into the input. Here is an example of it working on Twitter direct messages:

WHeeeeeeeee!! It is a lot of fun. You should install it now! But, you might ask:

How does it work?

Party Mode uses Bitcoin-like Proof-of-Work to derive keys. No, this is not a blockchain, there is no pay-to-play scam. The idea is to use PoW (PBKDF2) to melt the NSA’s servers if they were try to do mass surveillance.

Here is a concrete example. Facebook gets 10K+ posts/second; it would take them about ~1hour to decrypt 1 second worth of Party Mode data. They are better off mining Bitcoin to pollute their eco-reputation.

Privacy = Going Green. Spying = Environmentally Impure.

But you probably only get less than ~10 posts/second (sorry, I’m not that popular either! :/ But I bet PARTY PARROT is!). This means you are totally eco-friendly, nothing to worry about!

Although note, disclaimer, since anyone else at the party can decrypt posts, nothing stops somebody from reporting something you said to moderators. If Google does a targeted attack on a specific post, they (and/or others) will be able to decrypt it just as fast as you and your friends can.

So what can we do to stop targeted attacks?

Secret Agent Mode

Secret Agent Mode is intended to be used on private channels like, email, Twitter DMs, Facebook private messages, etc., and is perfect for confidential exchanges with clients or colleagues, or chatting with your gf/bf.

It works by using peer-to-peer Diffie-Hellman key exchange, see the GitHub for more details.

But come on! Let’s get the party started. If you have installed it already, your browser should have automatically decrypted the next paragraph. If you just see a bunch of gibberish, well, we know who is waiting outside all alone. ;) Get it now!

A whole new internet. Secure, decentralized, private, and owned by you! Today!

No Matrix sentinels, no 1984, no pigs. Just Party Parrot! Fight censorship, prevent spying, change the internet today. Upvote on Product Hunt and HackerNews and Reddit, retweet on Twitter (I’ll be revealing several easter eggs today, so maker sure to follow), install, make secret jokes on Facebook, and PARTY ON like the internet we knew and loved in the 90s!

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