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39 Videos About Tech, Mom’s Spaghetti, Mushrooms and More to Eat Your Time

I just make a new goal for myself — publish 80 articles… so far I have 60, and maybe after making this deal — the quality will go down a bit… we’ll see.

But I think that it’ll be cool to share not just some solid tech stuff that we’re usually read at Hackernoon.

We should have also fun things and this article is really about what I’m doing/watching/consuming, while I’m not coding. And this is how I spend my afternoons. So we’ll have a lot of links, strange and maybe controversial videos, but let’s start!

I also want to motivate anyone that wants to write a blog or have the wish to be published at this amazing website (Hakernoon I mean).

Hackernoon gives you not just a voice and amazing tech auditory — you can also learn more — by explaining things. And for myself — HN — is one of the places, where I explore and get a quick taste on some new technologies.

So don’t be afraid and

I’m watching videos about space and sci-fi, I love to entertain myself with stupid stuff and of course, I love to see videos about tech.

Let’s start with stupid things

Joe Rogan Experience

1) Mike Tyson — very interesting to learn more about him. and cool that he’s making a weed resort
2) he told that he has a few human kids… The doctor behind robot Sofia
3) Yes a lot of people know about smoking weed at JRE, but they chat a lot about our future
4) It’s a mister Neil Degrasse Tyson
5) More about physics, Sean Carroll.


these guys are really inspiring me
mars stuff, very inspiring

Women in tech are important movement, but in space, it’s huuuge too(some of Gwynne Shotwell presentations)


yes it’s tech review
tech and space exploration future

TV series


Ugly Americans


Halt & catch fire


The Profit TV Show


Hunting Hitler is my last favorite documentary show that i watch. I’m not a big fan of ww2 stuff especially when we have our own war with Russia right now, but it’s a very interesting idea.


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