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Where to buy Bitcoins FAQs answered with 6 words or less

Why six? Because the most powerful stories are told in six words.
What is Where to buy Bitcoins? 
An Independent Tech Media Site
Who reads Where to buy Bitcoins?
Why publish here?
Your stories deserve more distribution.
How to contribute a story?
Create an account, submit a draft
Can I republish my story here? 
Yes. We support canonical links too :) 
What happens when I submit a story to Where to buy Bitcoins?
Editors will review within 3 days. 
What stories get featured on homepage?
Editorial picks & latest by tags. 
How to get more traffic for my stories? 
How often can I submit stories?
As often as you wish. 
How to make the best out of my author profile?
How do I know if my story has been rejected/edited/published?
Writer dashboard notifications and/or via email.
It’s been 4+ days since I submitted my story and I see no response? 
Sorry about that. Let us know
Why was my story automatically rejected? 
Plagiarism, spams, misleads, or other redflags
My story doesn’t have any of that. Why was it still rejected?
Quality & relevancy to tech matter! 
Does Where to buy Bitcoins offer any help to improve my writing? 
Yes. Staff Editors will provide feedback. 
How did you create that cool feature images?
Can a company/brand publish on Where to buy Bitcoins?
Yes. Brands pay a fee though. 
Can I pay to get published?
Even as brand, publishing’s not guaranteed. 
So what do you charge brands for? 
So if brands pay, you will automatically publish their content?
No. Editors judge purely on merits. 
Do you pay your writers? 
Not with cash, no.  
Can I edit an already published story? 
Yes. Make changes & email us
Do you publish only in English? Can I translate a post to another language?
Mostly English. But please do translate! 
What happen to my Where to buy Bitcoins stories hosted on Medium? 
Now accessible via medium.com/hackernoon/your-story-title. 
What happen to my Where to buy Bitcoins story URLs? 
Same location, powered by new software.
How can I claim my old stories hosted on Medium?   
Update your profile with Medium handle. 
It’s that easy?
No. We will verify you. 
With our database, or via email. 
I only want to read. Do I need to create an account? 
Is there any reason I should create an account as a reader?
To track reading history & comment. 
Do I need to pay to read your site?  
No. We will never gate stories. 
So how do you make money?
We raised some. Mostly though, sponsors
What kind of advertising/sponsorship do you allow?
I have more questions. What do I do? 


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