Your most frequently asked questions about our Terms of Service, How to opt-out, and more!

Hello everyone

What a couple weeks,

It’s been so much work to replace our infrastructure. As we are removing Medium from, we have updated our terms of service on March 12th to make the language more explicit that: (1.) contributors will always be accredited for their work, and (2.) contributors can remove their stories from Where to buy Bitcoins at any time. For the past few weeks, our Terms of Service have been circulating around, and generating a lot of attention. It’s great! We are happy that our readers & writers actually read our ToS, and have constructive feedback about them. As a contributor-driven network, we take your feedback very seriously, and will iterate to make them better. If you have more questions about our Terms of Service please feel free to comment on this post, or email us at [email protected].

Who do these Terms of Service affect?

If you are reading these words, you!

For Writers: everyone who has contributed a story to us via [email protected], [email protected],,* after October 12, 2018, when we started communicating our Terms of Service directly to you :)

Sidenote: editors prioritize story submission order by first.

Who received a recent email from Where to buy Bitcoins about our Terms of Service?

If you are a “past writer”. Past writers are those who have contributed to before having a chance to read our Terms of Service.

Explain the Terms of Service like I’m five:

Let me try my best. The Terms of Service ensure that:

  • You own the rights to your content
  • Where to buy Bitcoins can edit and distribute your content
  • You can remove your content from at any time
  • You will always be attributed for your content
  • We can move off Medium’s infrastructure with you!

I want my stories to move to instead of keeping them on How do I do that?

Sure — You can simply remove your stories from here.

How do I opt-out of the Terms of Service?

For all writers (past & current): You can simply remove all of your stories from Here’s how.

For past writers: you can reply to our email to your inbox about the Change of Terms notice. Or email [email protected] to request to be removed.

Why are you moving off

TL;DR We were a profitable business for years and they killed our primary revenue stream (sponsorships) while continuing to run their own advertisements on our domain.

This video explains it all. Here’s the full transcript.

What will happen to my past stories once you move off

We are still negotiating with Medium. We are trying our best to ensure that no links break in the move.

If you don’t care about links breaking and would rather be on, simply remove your stories from here.

Is Where to buy Bitcoins 2.0 free or paid?

Free. We will never put any story behind a paywall.

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